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Do you want to sell a junk car but aren’t sure whether to take it to an auto salvage yard or a car scrap yard? There are various differences between each yard, and knowing which one to take your car to will save you money.

There are usually a few locations to turn to for aid when folks want to cash in their old rusted vehicle. Salvage yards and scrap yards are terms that most car owners are familiar with.

Many people, however, assume they are the same but this is not the case as salvage yards and automobile scrap yards serve completely different purposes with just a tiny overlap in goals and activities.

The terms “salvage yard” and “automotive scrap yard” are recognizable to most people. The point is that most of us are oblivious to the distinction between the two.

Several people are under the impression that the two are nearly identical. These two names and businesses are very different from one another, and you’ll need to know the difference depending on what you’re trying to sell.

Going in without a plan could lead to you making a poor decision and you might be selling to the wrong buyer. Before you choose one over the other, make sure you know the difference between an auto salvage yard and a scrapyard.

Auto Salvage Yard

Junkyards, salvage yards, vehicle recycling centers, to mention a few are all terms for the same thing. Salvage yards purchase broken cars, whether they are functioning or not, in order to sell the parts.

The cars are worth far more to the yard than they bought for them since they can sell all of the pieces separately, allowing them to pay much more for your car than metal scrap yards.

These are the place to go if you’re looking to sell a wrecked, unusable, damaged, or trash automobile or truck. If you have a vehicle you want to sell that is still in good functioning order, automotive salvage yards are likely to accept it.

They might take it even if it isn’t running and is a complete wreck. Automobile salvage yards are well-known for dismantling your old accidental and irreparable cars into components or spare parts.

Customers can then purchase these parts. What happens to the vehicle’s “shell”? It is usually crushed after all of the fluids have been drained from it and all of the vital resaleable bits have been removed.

The vehicle’s scrap metal along with unrecyclable spare parts and components might be sold to other firms or recycled in the end.

Scrap Yard

An automobile scrap yard is a company that purchases residual metal from vehicles, as well as other scrap metals. These scrap yards will buy metal from anyone and they do so in large quantities on a daily basis.

The price is usually calculated based on weight, either per ton or per kilogram. There is usually a base fee for the metal that you need to sell, depending on the type of metal.

Aluminium, steel, iron, zinc, and copper are the most common metals they purchase. These yards purchase the metals and then resell them at a profit to a company that can best utilize the reused metal.

Some of them even have the expertise and equipment to utilize the scrap metal on their own. Scrap yards are another fantastic approach to conserving the environment because the metal is reused.

Scrap yards, unlike salvage yards, specialize in scrap metal primarily, often ignoring the rest of the junk automobile. Scrapyards buy vast quantities of metal and pay according to the weight of the scrap metal they get.

The most popular metals, such as zinc, copper, and aluminium, have various pricing at scrap yards. They generally get scrap metal from old appliances and loose wiring in addition to junk autos.

After purchasing a piece of metal, scrap yards reconfigure it before selling it to companies that recycle metals. Scrap yards frequently buy any leftover metal items that can’t be salvaged from auto salvage yards.

Auto Salvage Yard Vs Car Scrap Yard: Which One To Choose?

Scrap yards and auto salvage yards generally serve the same purpose. The key difference is that one buys scrap metal in order to resale it to others whereas the other specializes in recycling junk cars for parts and components.

Either place will accept your old metal or vehicle for sale. Another primary difference is that if you sell your car to a salvage yard, you may get more money because the yard will sell the parts for a profit.

You’re not going to obtain as much money for your old car from a scrap metal yard as you would from a salvage yard. Even if a junk car is no longer functional and is a total wreck, it usually has some or all of its spare parts intact.

Most owners will get a better result by calling the closest auto salvage yard as they will inspect the complete vehicle and will usually offer a greater price based on its condition and worth.

On the other hand, scrap yards merely look at the car’s scrap metal content and pay you based on the metal’s weight. There’s no need to call a salvage yard if the junk car has been reduced to its frame and if you are certain that the parts are completely useless.

It’s helpful to know the difference between a salvage yard and a scrap yard if you’re wanting to sell your old car. A salvage yard will pay you money for your old car in its current state. There’s no point to try to fix it or getting it back up and running.

You can obtain cash right away by selling it to a salvage yard, and the vehicle will be taken away for free. The same is with most scrap yards out there. Rather than spending on repairs and refurbishing the vehicle, selling it to a scrap yard or salvage yard will save you time and effort.

How do I sell my car to a salvage yard?

If you want to sell a junk car, the best option is to get an estimate from a local salvage yard. They will normally provide a considerably better value than a scrapyard.

Because they take into account all of the reusable parts and salvageable components along with scrap metal. Car owners in need of spare components might also go to salvage yards, although scrap yards rarely have them.

Selling an old car to these yards is simple as most of them offer their services through a similar streamlined system. To begin with, you can google something like “salvage yard near me” and locate the closest auto salvage yards.

Then get quotes from a few of the nearest salvage yards by providing your vehicle’s information, compare their offers, and then choose one. Most of these salvage yards offer free car removal and their cash-for-car offers are quite reasonable too.

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