Is your car a junk in your house?

We buy junk car and offer instant cash

How it works

Simply give us a call on 0437008000. We will find out all the details we need. (We’ll need info such as the car’s registration, condition, location)


We then work out a price. We offer extremely competitive prices for scrap cars, damaged cars, vans and 4×4’s.


If you are happy with our price we just need to arrange a convenient time to collect your vehicle. Once on your premises we pay you on the spot. No Charges and No Fees.

Wrecked Car Removals

Having a wrecked car on the property can be a pain in the neck. Due to the wrecked and damaged parts, it can no longer take you for the ride. Instead, it occupies space in your garage and parking space. You may consider getting it repaired from Wrecked Car Removal. However, repairing such vehicles and replacing their parts can get exorbitantly costly. Throwing it away may sound like a good idea as such vehicles pollute the place with rust and other toxic substances.

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But if you hire a car towing company to take it out from your property, the towing charges may take a toll on your wallet. But with Scrap Cars you will get free Wrecked Car Removal service in Sydney. Instead of charging you for the service, we pay you a deserving price of the vehicle. At Scrap Cars, you can get up to $9999 cash for wrecked cars.

It’s never too early to dump the wrecked and damaged vehicle from the property. Before it starts being a habitat to the wild plants and poisonous animals, it’s better to get rid of the vehicle. However, things are not always easy when it comes to dumping out crashed and broken vehicles. To make things easier for you, you’ve got Scrap Cars at your service.

Wrecked Cars for Sale Sydney, Newcastle

Wrecked cars can be an eyesore. With its ugly, damaged, and disfigured parts, it can uglify your beauty the place in no time. At the same time, it takes up valuable space in your property. In that condition, you may consider selling your wrecked vehicle. And if you have wrecked cars for sale in Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, and Hunter Regions, Scrap Cars can come to your rescue.

No matter the type and condition of the vehicle, we will buy your wrecked cars and pay a good deal of money for it. We are not picky when it comes to age, brand, model, or condition of the vehicle. We buy them all without a fuss. Even if you are looking to sell wrecked cars without title, we will still buy your vehicle.

Get your piggy bank ready – cash is coming. 

Cash for Wrecked Cars: Instant Money Up to $9999

Car owners treat their broken, crashed, wrecked, damaged, and accidental vehicles nothing more than garbage. Since they are no longer capable of taking you for the ride, that sounds quite plausible. But we treat your trash vehicles like a treasure. No vehicle is useless for us. Every car has some value and we strive to pay you a deserving price in all situations.

Getting good cash for wrecked cars is raresome in Sydney. Most used car dealers in the area get away by paying no or thrifty price for the vehicle. But we, on the other hand, pay a worthy price for the vehicle depending on its condition. We have served in this field for over a decade now. And in this long journey, we have generously paid up to $9999 for their vehicle.

We are indeed for our generosity for paying worthy cash for the vehicle. But to make it more interesting, we make the entire payment right on the spot. As you can get instant money for your wrecked cars, you can always remember us when you wrecked cars at your place and looking to make quick and easy money.

Free Wrecked Car Removal: Swift and Same Day Car Pick Up

In today’s time, car towing and removal services can get your wallet empty in no time. But things are different with Scrap Cars. With us, you will get free wrecked car removal service with the assurance of same-day car removal. With our sedulous and proficient employees at work, you can get a swift car removal. As we garnered quite an experience in this field, the removal process will be free of damages and pitfalls.

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For a safe, quick, and convenient car removal service, give us a call on 0437 008 000 or send us an email on info@scrapcars.net.au. Or you can simply fill up the Quote Form on our website. Either way, we will revert to you right away. After that, we will quickly provide you a free quote and schedule an appointment for the car removal once you accept our offer.