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Ever wondered why is it considered important to crush cars before shoving them into recycling? Well, crushed cars take up lesser space and this makes it easier for the scrappers to store as many cars in their yard. Now, why recycling is done in the first place, if you ask? Recycling is not only a profitable business but it also contributes a lot to the environment.

Steel constitutes 65% of a junked car, while the remaining 35% comprises other metals plus rubber, glass and upholstery. Now there are two ways to recycle a car. Either you can sell its reusable salvage parts or you can scrap it as a whole. Talking about the scrap price of steel and iron per ton, the figure hovers around $250. The growing Asian economies have increased the demand for scrap steel worldwide. Each year, around 14 million of steel is extracted from scrap cars. On an industrial scale, this figure can go up to 76 million. This explains why auto recycling industry is worth billions of dollars.

It is a well known fact that recycling consumes 74% less energy as compared to producing new steel. This is just not it. There are many more benefits, like reduced production cost, environmentally friendly and hence sustainable. Today, recycled steel constitutes 25% of the entire steel production industry. This is huge when looked at from a broader perspective. Besides environmental and economic benefits, car recycling contributes a lot to industrial infrastructure worldwide.

Recycled steel is cheaper, but it is undoubtedly robust and as potent as newly produced steel, for various applications. There’s no way recycled steel is any inferior to its counterparts, thanks to the sophisticated recycling methods that are taking the recycling industry by storm.

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